Blepharoplasty is a relatively simple, inoffice procedure performed under local anesthetic. In some cases, it may be necessary for blepharoplasty to be performed in an ambulatory surgical center setting. Dr. Mohammadi will evaluate each individual case, and decide which setting is safest for the patient.

Generally speaking, blepharoplasty is considered cosmetic and is not payable by most medical insurances. However, there are some cases where the drooping of the upper lid affects the vision to such a degree that it is medically necessary. In these cases, a visual field test will be performed and a photo will be taken and submitted to your insurance company for prior authorization. 

For those cases where insurance will not cover the procedure, financing is available through Care Credit. We also accept VISA and Mastercard. 

The procedure itself takes approximately 45 minutes. The eyelids are numbed with a local anesthetic, and the excess skin is excised and the fat removed. The lids are then sutured and the patient returns home and uses ice packs for a few hours.  Sutures are removed between 8-10 days.  The incision in the upper lids is made in the margin crease for minimal notable scarring. For the lower lids, the incision is made inside the eye lid, and there is no outside scarring. There are certain rare cases, where an outside incision is made to pull up excessive sagging skin. In these cases, the incision is made very close to the lash line, and the scar is minimal.